Please note that the Reading and Writing Assignments are DUE the day they’re under. For detailed references to the main readings see that unit’s specific assignment sequence.

BB: Blackboard               ER: E-Reserve               CR: Course Reader               H: Handout               Web: Website will be provided            

Week 1: Begin Unit 1 (Lens Essay)

Tues Sept 19

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Syllabus
    •  “A Writing Lexicon” (BB)
  • In-class:
    • Welcome and Course Goals
    • Keyword: Mobility
    • Close Reading: F.T. Marinetti, “The New Religion-Morality of Speed,” 224-229. (H)

Thurs Sept 21

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Walsh, “Reading Films Critically” (H)
    • Cresswell, “The Metaphysics of Fixity and Flow” (BB)
    • Watch Up in the Air (ER)
  •  Writing Assignment:
    • Identify one moment in which mobility plays a key role in Up in the Air. Take note of the formal elements (framing, lighting, etc.), plot developments, and dialogue.
    • Make a list of key terms from the Cresswell reading.
  • In-class:
    • Unpacking Concepts
    • Theory as lens

 Week 2

Tues Sept

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Le Roy Ladurie, Montaillou (ER)
    • Lamott, “Shitty First Drafts” (H)
  • Writing Assignment: 
    •  Write approximately 300 words summarizing two specific instances of how mobility and/or immobility shaped the worldview of Pyrenees shepherds.
  • In-class:
    • Contemporary Transhumance
    • Description à Analysis à Thesis

Thurs Sept 28

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Academic Integrity at Princeton (BB)
  • Writing Assignment:
    • PD 1.1 Your Shitty First Draft
  • In-class:
    • Workshop drafts for motive and thesis:

Sat Sept 30      

  • D1 due at 5pm

Week 3: Draft Workshops & One-on-One Draft Conferences

Tues Oct 3

  • Reading Assignment: 
    • Hacker and Sommers, A Pocket Style Manual, 207-242
    • 2 Student Drafts (announced by 5pm, Sunday)
  • Writing Assignment:
    • Draft response letters
  • In-class:
    • Draft workshop
    • Discuss Chicago Style

Thurs Oct 5

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Strunk and White, “Elementary Principles of Composition”
    • 2 Student Drafts (announced by 5pm, Sunday)
  • Writing Assignment: 
    • 2 Draft response letters
  • In-class: 
    • Draft workshop

Week 4: Begin Unit 2 (Supernova Essay)

Tues Oct 10

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Mark Gaipa, “Breaking into the Conversation: How Students Can Acquire Authority in Their Writing,” Pedagogy 4.3 (2004): 419-37. (BB)
    • Lardner, Railway Economy (CR)
    • “Pacific Railway Act” (CR)
    • Schwantes and Ronda, The West the Railroads Made (CR)
    • Schivelbusch, The Railway Journey (CR)
  • Writing Assignment: 
    • PD 2.1: Do I Buy It?
  • In-class:
    • The Disciplinary Supernova
    • Reading to doubt, reading to believe

Thurs Oct 12

  • Reading Assignment:
    • Kerry Walk, “Source Functions Across the Disciplines” (H)
    • International Historical Statistics (CR)
    • Poor, “The Pacific Railroad” (CR)
    • Chapple, “Types of Railroad Travellers” (CR)
    • Fogel, Railroads and American Economic Growth (BB)
    • GIS Maps (Web)
  • Writing Assignment:
    • +- 200 words on what the statistics make you think about the economic of the railroad, and how Fogel and the GIS maps help you rethink that conclusion.
  • In-class:
    • Statistics, oh my!
    • Interpreting Images

Sat Oct 14         

  • R1 due at 5 pm